Boudoir is not just for ladies !

Fact is connecting with your sexy and sultry side is something everyone should experience.

I've had the amazing experience recently with my boyfriend practicing his photography skills on me and in turn I convinced him to allow me to photograph him.

Being a Boudoir photographer, I wanted to show him how I see him.

This is the very first time I ever did a "Dudeoir" photo session and I have to say it was so much fun!

Not to mention now I can show off my sexy man.

He confessed that he never saw himself as someone sexy. And especially with the lockdown keeping him from the gym, he initially felt like he should wait until some other time.

Truth is there is no better time than the present to capture and connect with all that is beautiful about you..right now.. at this very moment.

I encourage you to drop all those impossible standards and just be.

Confidence and sensuality is a feeling not a perfect body.

Ladies and gents, make sure to comment and give this man some encouragement for having the courage to show off all the beauty I see in him.

♥️ u Phil!

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Updated: Jun 18

Captured by associate photographer Phil Lett

Equipment used Nikon Z6 85mm 1.8G Lens

Settings: ISO 50 1/80 sec at F2.8

Lighting: Natural Sunset with off camera flash and softbox

Styled, Edited and Modeled by Anita Dizgun

CREATIVITY has been my LIFE LINE. I recently watched a Netflix special by BO BURNHAM I love how authentically he described why he started this project. " To distract myself from putting a bullet into my brain during these CRAZY TIMES" Truth is, like many people, I can honestly say "I can truly relate" Dealing with my separation in December of 2020. Restarting my life and reopening my photography business only to be forced, just as I was getting stated, to lockdown for almost a year. Watching the world change in an instant. Surviving when all I wanted to do is thrive. Some may say that my oversharing, in my writing and my self portraits, may be "too showy". Vanity project? But to be 100% transparent it is my survival and the only way I know how to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. To see BEAUTY where I can. My attempt to leave the WORLD a little brighter than I entered it. To bring SMILES or sometimes tears to those who can relate. To INSPIRE. To remind that we are NOT ALONE in the loss and pain we feel and the RESILIENCE we all possess. To CELEBRATE another day without completely falling apart. Another challenging day I overcame...somehow. Fact is, there is a lot of crazy and negative things happening around us. A lot of ugly and hate we can spend our energy and focus on. Or, we can choose to share our JOY, our WINS, our PASSION. Make a positive CHANGE any way we can. This is my LIGHT, and I hope you don't mind me sharing it with you. My story. My photography. My portraits. My LIGHT on LIFE ️ Make sure to watch BO BURNHAM - INSIDE on NETFLIX. Thank you Bo Burnham for your authenticity, for being raw and for leaving my world a little brighter. You made me laugh, cry and inspire me to stop hiding as well. Never have I felt so LOVED, so SEEN, so HEARD and so FREE to be ME. A BIG ♥️ to all CREATIVES !!! Comment below if you feel the LIGHT! SHOUT OUT below if you or someone you know needs a little inspiration or help getting out from behind the shadows. With LOVE and LIGHT Scroll below for the unedited image.


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Updated: Jun 18

Like with every new project. I spent the last few weeks planning, and reflecting what I want I hope to achieve in 2021 and what has 2020 provided me or taught me of value to help me move forward to a better year.

2020 has indeed been a challenging year!

Many colleagues around me were forced to close their businesses or leave their “stable” jobs - dealing with grief, anger, sadness and fear. Finding it hard to adjust, or find clarity on how to move forward and feeling stuck.

It’s one thing to make the decision to leave a job by choice or walk away from a 20 year old marriage, but it’s a much harder fall, when the rug is slipped from under you when you least expect it.

In my life, I’ve become very familiar with all kinds of change.

Lost my father from the age of 4 to 8 due to political chaos.

Witnessed my family struggle as communism gripped a whole country and took away everything we enjoyed.

Left my birth country and family with my mother to rejoin my father at the age of 8 in Canada.

Moved homes, cities and schools 3x by the age of 12.

Moved out of my family home on my own at the age of 18.

Moved 3x again between 18 and 21.

Moved to a different province with my husband and then 1 & 3yr old children, and left my extended family.

Became a full time mom and started my own part time photography business.

Opened my own brick and mortar full time business.

Closed my brick and mortar business.

Moved into a new town and our dream home with two teenagers.

Left my 20 year old marriage and my dream home.

Went back to work in corporate after being self-employed for 13 years.

Found a new home.

Got laid off from my full time job and had my part time hustle on lock down.

Spent 8 months at home, unemployed, re-evaluating, contemplating and re-starting once again a new way of life.

Experiencing so much change has both positive and negative impacts.

On one side you grow to expect it, and always remain on guard for the next wave to hit. You expect the worst at all times and have obvious issues with trust. With each change come intense emotions, and you grow to crave it, crave them, always chasing the new high in life.

On the other side, you become resilient, flexible and open to new possibilities. You stare fear in the face and learn to work through it. You know that with all change comes great opportunities and rewards. You see the big picture. You accept that in order to grow, you have to embrace change. You also have to, in some way, embrace grief, anger, sadness, fear, as they are part of the change equation, no matter how exciting. Change always involves letting go of something: the familiar, but also those nasty negative emotions. To stay grounded through it, you also need some kind of balance and stability, otherwise change can quickly turn to chaos.

I remember this time last year people calling 2020 the year of VISION, as it was predicted as the year that will help us see with 20/20 clarity. I can't help but “Ahhhh” in wonder at how accurate that was for me.

2020 was the year of GRATITUDE; for my experience with change, the connections and the people, who all helped soften the impact of the many challenges this year has forced me to face.

2020 was the year of SIMPLICITY; as I really got clear on what matters, helps me grow, brings me joy and continue to learn to let go of everything that does the opposite.

2021 comes with a new decade, for all of us with many new beginnings, a new way of life. More time, more space, more clarity and for this reason; I call it the year of PURPOSE.

Never have I been more clear on my “Why”, my strengths and my way to serve others.

Fact is, more change is to come, and once again I can’t help but feel excited!

And like many, I also still feel all the other more negative emotions as well, because like I pointed out earlier, they all are part of the guest list at the CHANGE party!

But as we move forward, we get to choose who we celebrate with and set the theme for 2021 and I chose to continue with VISION, GRATITUDE, SIMPLICITY and PURPOSE.

For Light on Light Studio, our 2021 PURPOSE will be all about CELEBRATING YOU, INTIMACY AND CONNECTION.

I want to encourage you to start this New Year by stripping away all that no longer serves you and weighs you down; insecurities, judgments and negative self talk.

I want to help you celebrate all that you are in this very moment, beautiful, resilient and uniquely you.

Despite all this craziness in the world, fact is there is still plenty of reasons for Whole Lotta Celebratin’ Goin’ On!

I am so excited for what’s to come and love having you along for the journey!

Wishing you all joy, love and purpose xoxox


Photo Taken by: Associate Photographer Phill Lett | Location: Light on Light Studio | Retouching: Anita Dizgun | Nikon Z 6 | Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4G

LIGHT ON LIGHT STUDIO is a full service Portrait and Boudoir studio located in Barrie, Ontario. Our Goal is to capture every woman's true essence and confidence.

NOW BOOKING LIMITED 2021 SESSIONS. Call or TEXT 905-392-2140 for more information.

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