When I turned 44 this year I took it upon myself to reflect on the regrets as well as many accomplishments I've had.

But it is the regrets that I fear the most!

I spent most of my life making sure I didn't make too much noise with my ideas and decisions.

I dimmed my light to make others feel comfortable.

I was told if I followed these rules, I would be happy.

Yet I felt trapped and alone. Trying hard to stay small. Often buried in darkness and anger, instead of light and love.

These past two years, I decided it was time for me to become friends with all my versions, the real superheroes in my story.

The SURVIVOR who will face her fears and continue to grow stronger

The QUEEN who takes control of her own pleasures in life.

The PLAYFUL GIRL who lives life with curiosity and wonder.

The hardworking, rule bending, determined BADASS BOSS BABE.

The MOTHER, DAUGHTER who wants to inspire the women in her life to be their own heroines.

As a BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER this is my gift to you!

Put aside your critical voice for a moment.

Change the focus from your flaws to the unique and amazing parts that make the beautiful you.



Reconnect with yourself.

Walk away with a new image of YOU.