As a photographer, my goal is to not only capture beautiful images but also capture my clients story,

Good stories are ones that we share over generations, and ones that inspire or teach us important lessons.

When I met Emily years ago, she inspired me as she shared her courage to leave a long toxic marriage. A work from home, hands-on, mom with 4 kids, she poured her love into her family but sadly she never got back what she gave from her marriage. As difficult as it was to find the courage to leave, she made the difficult transition

- simply because she knew that like all of us, she deserved to be fully loved and no longer wanted to settle for anything less.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return
-Nat King Cole

Ultimately her courage payed off as she met a man who without a doubt loves her with all his heart. And now any day, she is to expect a new little man into their now soon to be family of 6 and fill her home and her own heart - full of love.

Thank you Emily and Jim, for inspiring me to find love in my own life and for sharing your story.

With more love,


Updated: Aug 28

Sometimes life can challenge us, but in the end we find a light in our life that we never though before possible.

This beautiful couple faced many struggles to find one another, but in the end they came out stronger and more beautiful than ever imagined.

Countries apart, families divided, their unwavering belief in something better on the other side, their trust and hope in love and true happiness, brought all together finally here and now, with a beautiful new life just on the horizon.

Emily and Jim, you are an inspiration and I am grateful to be witness to this special beginning and coming together.

May you future be as bright as the love I see between you!

Here's a little sneak peak, Part 1, of the amazing memories we created together.

Updated: Jul 21

Hard to believe that these girls are the very reason I started my photography business 14 years ago. I wanted nothing more than to stay at home with my daughters and find a way to create flexibility to work my business around my children and family needs. It was soon after that I decided to quit my full time job and pursue my love of photography.

I wanted to help capture the special moments for eternity for me and my clients. Because we all know, time flies!

And so here I find myself 14 years later, celebrating a new phase in all our lives and capturing this special moment for all of us.

A new beginning for my youngest as she starts high school next year.

A new beginning for my oldest daughter as she tries to find a new normal while continuing her high school life amid these COVID times.

A new beginning for me with the rebranding of Anita Dizgun Photography to now Light on Life Studio.

So some might ask, why the rebrand?

Well, because this craft , this passion - has been my light in my life during some difficult times and as we face some challenging times ahead for many of us, I want to share this light and hope to add some light into your life as well.

I truly believe that it is more important than ever to capture the beauty and joy that surrounds us and share it with others. Your smiles, your craft, your passion, your heritage, your memories... are after all...worth capturing, sharing and remembering!

What's your passion? Your why? Share how you honour and find ways to capture it and enjoy it more.

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